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What Is NFT Trader?

NFT Trader is an advanced NFT trading platform. First-time traders and seasoned professionals alike can try to utilize it and enjoy its features.

The platform’s users can expect the best access to exciting opportunities that the ever-expanding NFT world has to offer, along with first-hand guidance from experienced account managers.

How Does NFT Trader Work?

Here is a brief step-by-step explanation of how NFT Trader works and what you can expect when you open an account.

01. Register Your Account

Registration couldn’t be any easier: If you wish to join, it takes less than a minute or two and only requires your name and contact number. Doesn’t sound too painful, does it? All you are doing at this stage is letting them know that you are interested and want to learn more about the platform. If you are already excited to get started, don’t worry: they get in touch quickly.

02. Speak with an Account Manager

The next step is speaking to the team directly. As said before, the team believes in the personal touch and how it can possibly benefit their new users. You are assigned an account manager to act in an assistant capacity. What that means is that you are in control, but you have someone to turn to if you have questions, concerns, or curiosities.

The NFT Trader team work without their users, so they want you to have the best assistance whenever you need it.

During the initial call, you can ask any remaining questions you may have about using the NFT Trader platform and iron out any kinks in your understanding of what NFT trading is. The account manager may ask how experienced you are and how confident you feel then offer guidance based on your answers.

Remember, this is your account. The account managers are only there to provide some insight when required. The decisions are ultimately yours to make.

03. Explore the Platform

There is no need to dive in at the deep end if you are not ready. Investing is not a game- especially when your hard-earned cash is involved. Take your time to navigate the platform and get used to it. It is also worth doing some further research into NFTs and how trading works. Of course, your account manager can provide whatever information you need to feel more confident.

Your account manager is available for questions, so make the most of them! Their experience can hopefully benefit you and help you with your development: it is the whole reason the team created NFT Trader in the first place!

04. Start Trading

You are ready to go! The platform is at your disposal, as is the guidance of your account manager. You are in complete control of your account and your trades and you can withdraw your available funds at any time. The account managers are simply there to assist and ensure that the platform is providing you with the best possible user experience.

What Is an NFT?

In a nutshell, an NFT is a non-fungible token. A non-fungible token, by definition, is a token that cannot be copied or replicated. It is, in other words, entirely unique in the crypto space.

Sure- you can always screenshot it or download the image to your PC, but that doesn't mean you own the real thing. Think of it like art: you can buy a nice print of the Mona Lisa, but there is only one original hanging in the Louvre.

An NFT is a type of crypto- but not a currency. Cryptocurrencies have many coins that are all interchangeable. NFTs come in many forms, from digital art to celebrity tweets. There are very few rules and regulations about what can be made into an NFT- as long as the content is the artist’s intellectual property.

The NFT Journey So Far

The very first dabbles in the NFT niche were in 2014 when some crypto designers started experimenting with color coins.

They looked at the idea of a cryptocurrency where every coin was unique. Move on a little and Rare Pepe crossed a new boundary by combining the blockchain with images- or memes, to be exact. These minted memes featuring Pepe the Frog marked the first non-fungible token sale.

NFT collections as known nowadays officially launched in 2017. CryptoPunks- a collection of pixelated people sporting different attributes and features created a whole new niche. The collection was created by the American digital art studio, Larva Labs. It features 10,000 unique collectible tokens- each with its own individual punk. To this day, CryptoPunk remains the most lucrative NFT collection of all time, accounting for seven out of the 10 most expensive tokens ever sold.

2019 was the year that NFTs really began making a splash in the crypto world. Those who were already part of the crypto space started to take notice. It wasn't until 2020, however, that NFTs broke into the mainstream view. The pandemic has a lot to answer for, not least the increase in google searches for crypto-related assets. NFTs became the hot ticket item for tech-savvy investors around the globe.

Since then, it has only been up. The NFT market surpassed $40 billion in 2021 and boasts more than 30 million actively trading digital wallets. Trading Volume has jumped to more than 24 Billion in 2022, and 2023 has started just as strongly.

Why NFTs?

Interest in NFTs has soared over the last two years and according to some experts is now in a position to establish the industry as a long-term investment market.

Like any investment, NFTs are not risk-free, nor are they guaranteed to make you money. What they offer is an innovative and exciting new take on art, collectibles, investment, and asset trading.

Celebrities, business moguls, financial giants, and respected entrepreneurs are all getting in on the action. Nobody can say that NFTs don't have star power. Star power is not the be-all and end-all. The real reason to invest in NFTs is that they are establishing themselves as a flexible asset that is currently free of regulation and open to unending possibilities.

Some people collect NFTs for fun; others for art. If you want to trade on NFTs as part of your investment portfolio, NFT Trader might be the place to do it.

FAQs - NFT Trader

Is NFT Trader an NFT marketplace?

No, it is not. NFT Trader is a trading platform set up specifically for the NFT market. It allows people to place buy and sell positions to speculate on NFTs but only within certain parameters. NFTs are not purchased on NFT Trader.

A marketplace is where artists launch new collections and put works up for auction. Many also act as galleries and blog areas for people to share news. You can create, buy, and sell NFTs on a marketplace, but you cannot trade on them digitally as a sort of asset. That is where NFT Trader comes in.

What makes an NFT valuable?

Like fine art, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a particular NFT exceptionally valuable. Most tokens sell for low prices: it is not all the million-dollar price tags you hear about on Twitter. The formula for a valuable NFT is not exact, but there are some elements that undoubtedly play a role.

  • If an NFT is rare, a.k.a. a single edition mint, it might sell for more.
  • Collectible tokens from well-known brands often fetch hefty price tags because of their desirability.
  • Any NFT created or previously owned by a celebrity tends to attract attention and high-rolling investors.
  • NFTs minted as part of a political statement or movement, a major event, or in honor of a certain cause are shoe-ins for lucrative auctions.
  • Famous artists can make more per NFT than unknowns, generally speaking.
  • Blue-chip NFTs are the priciest as they usually combine all the other elements on this list.

A blue-chip NFT is the equivalent of a blue-chip stock in traditional trading. They are big names, big money, big profit assets with enough of a reputation and track history to encourage people to invest big.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet, or e-wallet, is essentially a bank account for crypto. It is a place where you can securely store any cryptocurrency holdings or NFTs. The main difference between a digital wallet and a traditional fiat bank account is that no governing entity controls it. There is no bank in control- only the account holder has information regarding the contents and access to them.

When you set up a new digital wallet, you are given two codes: an access code and a security code. The first one (no prizes for guessing) grants you access to the account, and the second is required to confirm transactions. Depending on what type you open, you can store various things in one place. Some are built specifically for NFTs, others specifically for cryptocurrency. Ideally, you should find one that does both.

You can also purchase an offline digital wallet if you are concerned about additional safety. They look like pen drives but are more advanced. You can store your NFTs safely offline and away from prying eyes. As long as you don’t misplace the drive, you have nothing to worry about.

How Can NFT Trader make NFT trading easier?

Trading is not something you can master overnight, no matter how naturally talented you may be. It also doesn’t matter what you are trading on: the principle remains the same and is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to hopefully becoming a great trader, but there might be smarter ways to learn.

NFT Trader may help make NFT trading easier by supplying you with all the information and tools you need to see the big picture and hopefully make better decisions.

Overall, NFT Trader is a user-friendly platform that encourages people to learn and supports them in their endeavors. The platform not making false promises and magical keys to the golden gates of trading wisdom. What it does offer is a well-marked path with plenty of help along the way.


NFT Trader may be your front row ticket to the move to innovative and creative investment opportunities of 2023. If you wish to join, you can- sign up on the login page! It only takes a minute of your time: no contracts or commitments, just some contact details so that they can personally advise you on how to proceed.

The team is excited about the future of NFT trading and proud to be part of it. Hopefully, you can join on the way!

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