About Us

Meet the NFT Trader Team

Much like the NFT world as a whole, the NFT Trader is all about creativity, pushing the boundaries, and looking for the next innovative opportunity. These common goals brought us together from various backgrounds and walks of life to create the platform we know and love today.

Our founding members come from a digital trading background, having spent several years working with general and crypto trading apps. Other key members come from the crypto scene: including blockchain experts, NFT collectors, Bitcoin traders, and crypto analysts. The third point on our team triangle is our incredible software developers and app designers. They are the best at what they do, and it shows.

Combined, we have a pretty impressive resume, if we do say so ourselves. How does that help you? Well, we each poured everything we can to contribute to the NFT Trader app, meaning you can benefit from our previous experiences.

How Did We Get Here?

As we said, the core part of our team was already involved in digital trading apps. Their work in the field inspired them to build a new type of app that focused solely on NFTs.

There are many assets you can trade, but NFTs are truly unique. We wanted to build a platform that could adapt to the requirements of this market and encourage users to develop their knowledge. It was also essential for us that we kept a personal touch- making sure communication, collaboration, and community were central focuses.

Throughout the development process, we were careful to monitor the interface and think about how somebody seeing it for the first time may react. NFTs are inclusive of everyone, so we needed NFT Trader to do the same. To stick to that goal, we road-tested it every step of the way with the help of NFT traders with a range of experience levels and training. Once the newbies were handling it just as well as the pros, we knew were on the right path.

What Is Next for NFT Trader?

The end goal is to become the go-to platform for anyone looking to trade NFTs. We want to prioritize support, learning, and the development of people’s skills. NFT Trader is ready- the software is excellent- now the focus is on building a community centered on NFT trading for all abilities.

Going forward, we want to continue developing our software and sharing our experience to help more people discover the exciting world of NFTs. The plan is to grow larger and open up more channels as part of the NFT Trader platform, joining together all the most interesting parts of the industry into one streamlined app.